Social Justice and You

Happy New Year! Is one of your resolutions to incorporate social justice into your work? Or maybe you’re looking for new ideas. Don’t get hung up on doing something big, there are lots of small things you can do that are quietly powerful. Team up with your teen services staff for a super power up to your programming. BIG Things Conversations. If you have a panel of experts, choose a facilitator who knows the community.  It is less important for the facilitator to know the subject in this instance. If you have a panel of people who are telling their story, their truth, then someone who can relate to that truth is best as a facilitator. Be clear about the goal of the event, whether a panel, discussion, or film, while understanding it can evolve.  It’s helpful for the facilitators to have a clear goal.  (Carrie Bowman, Teen Services Librarian, King County … Continue reading Social Justice and You