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Distinguished. Inspiring. Significant.

Who inspires you? Is there someone that makes you think “I want to be that person when I grow up?” Is that person a member of ALSC? Are you? Now you are ready to nominate someone for the ALSC Distinguished Service Award!  The nominee should be an individual who has made significant contributions to, and an impact on, library services to children and to the Association for Library Service to Children.

Here are the requirements:
*The nominee and the individual making the nomination must be personal members of ALSC as well as ALA; organizational members are not eligible
*Individuals nominated my be chosen from any facet of library services to children
*The nominee may be a practicing librarian in a public or school library, a library or information science educator, a member of the library press, or an editor or other employee of a publishing house
*The individual may be retired

So, put on your thinking caps. Is there a librarian you always think of when you you hear the word “distinguished service”? Perhaps you had a professor in library school that ignited that spark in you that still flames to this day. Or you’ve found a mentor who pushed you to excel, who gave you the confidence to be who you wanted to be. Nominate that person!

This award is for the members of ALSC, and the nominations have to come from ALSC members. Tell the ALSC Distinguished Service Award committee who inspires you and why. We are waiting to hear from you. Nominations are due by December 1, 2016. So click on this link, and start your nomination today.

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