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Program in a Post: Art on the Spot

IMG_5813 With this post, the patience to cut hundreds of circles, and around $5, you and your community can create a beautiful piece of collaborative art.


  • Cardstock (white or a variety of colors  – your choice)
  • Markers, crayons, or chalk
  • String
  • Glue
  • A sign (optional)

Art on the Spot PosterRoom set-up: Like Art Links or Squart, this is another activity that is ideal for outreach events or a simple table-top craft. If you want to make it a program, do all three activities in the same room!

Program prep: Cut a lot of circles out of cardstock. Bonus if you have a circle cutter. Make a sign if you want. Get something to draw with (markers, crayons or chalk). Put it all out on a table. Invite kids and grown-ups to make art.

Art on the Spot was this summer’s outreach art activity at Rochester Public Library (MN). We visited community events with our circles and chalk and then returned to the library and glued the circles back to back on string (and sewed some too). We continue to add strings of spots as the summer progresses and the art just gets more and more amazing! 



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