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My New Favorite Storytime Music

I love using music in storytime! I love to sing and dance with the kids and parents so I’m always on the lookout for new songs to use in storytime that I can get my families excited about. While we love old classics, I like to switch things up and introduce some new songs to promote our music collection and let them know we have lots of great kids music-no listening to annoying kids songs here! So here are some of my recent favorites:

Click to enlargeVote for Jim Gill by Jim Gill

Jim Gill is a forever favorite and each new album has great new songs. We’ve been loving the “Conducting is Fun” fingerplay and I can’t wait to try out “Vote For Jim Gill” song which features lots of words that sound like body parts as part of our picture book voting party.

music albums superhero 250

Superhero by The Laurie Berkner Band

Laurie Berkner is the queen of children’s music and her newest outing does not disappoint. I’m loving “Superhero” and the music video is lots of fun. “Bubbles” is a great new addition to my bubble songs and “Elephant in There” is a perfect song pairing for Bark George.


Sugar Free Allstars by Sugar Free Allstars

Ever since we hosted this kindie-rock band at my library last year I’ve been a big fan. I love “Monster Truck” for driving our trucks all around the story hour room and practicing making the “mmm” sound.


What are you singing and dancing to right now in storytime?


  1. Brienne

    Carole Peterson, All of the Learning Groove CD’s (Eric Litwin), Mr. Gym, Caspar Babypants, Run Baby Run is a favorite, Mr. Gym

  2. Kimberly Tiano

    YouTube’s most popular electronic music videos

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