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Summer’s Over: Time for Rest and Dreaming

After eight weeks of programming, and five months of planning and promoting: my library’s summer reading program is over. We’ve entered that period of time where the humidity hovers around 90% keeping patrons at home in their air conditioning. That time when staff members are rotating out to take some hard earned vacation time and desk shifts get longer. That time where the summer days seem to slow down instead of fly by. That time that is absolutely perfect for rest and dreaming.

Rest and dreaming go hand in hand for me. I love having those moments to breathe and think without the constant pressure to do something or make deadlines. This is where some of my best ideas come from: Book Bundles and the Parent/Teacher re-cataloging project to name a few!

I’m already thinking about ideas for what’s next. I’ve got four new Book Bundles that I’ve just started the planning stages on. Next summer, I want to take our summer reading challenge into the classrooms of the daycares and preschools I visit. And I really want to start a music class for our youngest patrons that exposed them to rhythms and songs in a more focused way than our large Music and Movement programs in the spring.

And those are just some of the more concrete ideas in my head. There are ideas that are still glimmers: what if next year we set a date in each local park to do mobile circulation and summer reading promotion? Can we have a table outside of our meeting room on Election Day for the kids to vote Elephant or Piggie into president of the library? What area should I weed first?

This time for rest and dreaming is crucial for these ideas to mill about my head. Do you take the time out of your schedule to rest and dream? Let me know what new ideas come your way!

[And rest is *really* on my mind as I prepare to start my Caldecott reading this January. I’m going to need all the rest I can get! See you all after the announcements in 2018!]

– Katie Salo
Early Litearcy Librarian
Indian Prairie Public Library


  1. Kathia Ibacache

    Hi Kate,

    What a nice thought. I also feel creative and productive when I finally slow down from programs.

    I love your idea of Piggy or Elephant for president.


    1. Katie Salo Post author

      Just wanted to stop by and let you know that Piggie won the election by six votes!

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