ALA Annual 2016

The Kismet of ALA #alaac16

About an hour ago one of those amazing moments happened. I was stuffing half a ham and cheese croissant in my mouth with one hand and arguing with my obstinate iPad with the other one.  iPad twelve and Barb nothing.

Desperate times called for desperate measures so I turned to a stranger sitting at the next table.  She had an iPad and it seemed to work. So I asked her if I could show her what I was trying to do and she said, “Sure.”

In mere seconds she showed me some tricks and solved my problem.  Don’t you love those people? So I asked her where she was from and she said Wisconsin.  Then I saw her name tag. She was E.M. Kokie, author of a powerful YA book I loved called Personal Effects.  We had a hug and I learned her new book Radical is coming soon.

I love this conference.


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