ALA Annual 2016

Diverse Picture Books in Exhibits pt. 1

Exciting recent and forthcoming diverse picture books spotted in exhibits at #alaac16! I haven’t gotten to really sit down and analyze these, but on first glance they look great and I’m excited to take a second look!

Mary Had a Little Glam, by Tammi Sauer

“Mary Had a Little Glam” by Tammi Sauer illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Move over Fancy Nancy, there’s a new diva in town–one who’s not afraid to get messy when the situation arises!


Mira Forecasts the Future, by Kell Andrews

“Mira Forecasts the Future” by Kell Andrews illustrated by Lissy Marlin

A science-wiz girl making it happen? I’m in!


A Piece of Home, by Jeri Watts

“A Piece of Home” by Jeri Watts illustrated by Hyewon Yum

Tear-jerker alert. Yum’s illustrations are just perfection for this moving-to-the-US story.

It Is Not Time For Sleeping, by Lisa Graff

“It is Not Time for Sleeping (A Bedtime Story)” by Lisa Graff and Lauren Castillo

A multi-racial family + fresh bedtime story + Castillo’s snuggly-warm illustrations seems like a win!

Max Speed, by Stephen Shaskan

“Max Speed” by Stephen Shaskan

Could Max be any cuter in his little star helmet? This will be a hit with the superhero crowd for sure.

A Squiggly Story, by Andrew Larsen

“A Squiggly Story” by Andrew Larsen and Mike Lowery

I’m really excited to sit down with this one and take a closer look–I love “writing” books.


  1. Cathy Leverkus

    Your lists of diverse picture book titles are really helpful. Thanks for taking the time to list some of the new books presented at ALA.

    Did you happen to notice any diverse chapter books? Was The Other Boy featured among the diverse chapter book previews?

  2. Anna Haase Krueger

    Hi Cathy,
    I’m the picture book selector for my system, so I have to admit that I wasn’t focused on anything but picture books, and I didn’t attend any actual previews from publishers. Sorry!

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