ALA Annual 2016

Diverse Picture Books in Exhibits part 2

MORE exciting recent and forthcoming diverse picture books spotted in exhibits at #alaac16! As in my last post, I didn’t necessarily get to read/analyze these, but they all seem worth a second look!

Diverse picture books: One Day in the Eucalpytus Eucalyptus Tree by Bernstrom

“One Day in the Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Tree” by Daniel Bernstrom; pictures by Brendan Wenzel

I was able to read through most of this one, and it has some fun wordplay and is reminiscent of a trickster tale.


“Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion” by Alex T. Smith

Just look at that cutie in her pigtail poofs–and that’s lion’s face!


“The Bot that Scott Built” by Kim Norman; illustrations by Agnese Baruzzi

Can’t go wrong with a good robot story


“Maria Big & Small” by Jen Arena; illustrated by Angela Dominguez

This little opposite book looks just darling–I love the rhinoceros beetle saying “Hola” on the cover.


“The Class” by Boni Ashburn and Kimberley Gee

I love Boni Ashburn’s ‘I Had a Little Dress” and have read great reviews for this one. It’s about a whole class preparing for the first day of kindergarten, and their lives and homes are incredibly rich and varied.

“What do You Love About You?” by Karen Lechelt

The girl asks a variety of animals, ‘What do you love about you?” and they speak to their unique talents and interests. I love the validation coming from within!

13501990_10155113065748538_3490827533674107420_n 13507006_10155113065763538_128230706269479821_n

“Cat Knit” by Jacob Grant

This one is hilarious, and while the main character is the cat, his human plays an important role in the proceedings.


“The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read” by Curtis Manley and Kate Berube



“A Unicorn Named Sparkle” by Amy Young

What does one do when your unicorn turns out to be a goat? So.cute.

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