ALA Annual 2016

Day Two #alaac16. William Ury “Getting to Yes”

What’s harder for you and your team…internal negotiations or external negotiations? Ha! Turns out it’s harder for most people to negotiate with the people in their own organization.  How can we work things out in a win-win style?

Bestselling author William Ury fresh from work in Myanmar had some tips for us.

Turns out you have to negotiate with your own self…..a true internal negotiation… empower winning external negotiations.

The greatest power we have is the power not to react.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Figure out what you really want and need and then figure out a back-up plan for when the other party sees things really differently.   Turns out that having a BATNA – a best alternative to a negotiated agreement- gives you the confidence and freedom to negotiate freely.

This session was packed. Lots of people learning how to make their own internal self into their greatest ally.


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