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Program in a Post: Squart!

Squart1With this post and $5 to $40, you can encourage your community to create a glorious piece of collaborative art as part of a self-directed or outreach program.


  • Chalk (we like this brand)
  • White and/or black construction paper cut into 4″ x 4″ squares
  • A sign (optional)

Set up: This is a fun and easy art project for an outreach event or self-directed tabletop activity. Just put up the sign, put out the paper and chalk and let kids and their grown ups create. If you wanted to make it a program, just set up some tables and chairs.

We used this asSquart2 our outreach art activity for the summer. Staff at the booth would invite community members to decorate a square to add to the collage at the library. Our collage grew as the summer progressed.


  1. Kris

    Love this! Simple and fun … And beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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