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Three years ago two 5th grade boys fist pumped after they watched the live stream of the Newbery award being announced Midwinter.  “Our book won! Our book won!” they screamed on that day and many days to follow.

Since then I can say confidently that I run a successful 10-week Newbery Committee project alongside my fifth grade team.  I had kids wishing so hard for The Crossover to win the Newbery, they had every joint in their body crossed.  Then when the weather forecasters announced we had a snow day on February 2, 2015, tears poured down their cheeks since it meant not being together to find out the real winner. They did manage to find the link to the live stream on their own!

This year I’m still doing Newbery but also ready to branch out.  Last Spring when I asked a first grade teacher if she would collaborate with me on a Caldecott project her face lit up.  Then I went to Annual (I had to see Kwame accept his award) and some very insightful librarian suggested that I should do a Mock Geisel.  Wouldn’t that be perfect for first graders?  YES!  But wait! Who was this masked person? Where are you when I need help?  I don’t even know where to begin.  I tried Twitter twice and luckily that’s how I landed here.  I am ISO of YOU to help me out!  Do you have a book list?  Would you like to work together?  Are you a Geisel junkie?

There are no Mock lists on Goodreads.  Google “Geisel Award” and you get taken to the ALSC Awards page.  So please, let’s connect!  Want to get our students reviewing books together?  I’m here.  Are you an author or illustrator who wants to Skype?  Let’s do it!  Did you just read a perfect contender for the Geisel award?  Please share.  I can’t wait to make this happen.

This January 11, not only do I want to be on the edge of my seat with my fifth graders waiting for the Newbery announcement, I want to be fist pumping my collaborating first grade teacher and our star studded 6 year olds after hearing that “our book won!”


Photo courtesy of guest blogger
Photo courtesy of guest blogger

Today’s guest blogger is Stacey Rattner. Stacey — the “crazy leaping librarian” — loves to jump with her elementary school students at Castleton Elementary School in upstate New York.  You can find her thoughts about school, books, food, theatre and more @staceybethr or or her doings and leaping in the library @C_ESLibrary. 

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