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Summer Reading Club Check In

Here at my library, we are just about halfway through the summer (hooray!), so I thought it might be a good time to check in and see how Summer Reading is going for everyone.

Our reading program is going like gangbusters with about 1500 kids (plus about 300 in the Daycare Summer Reading Club) registered and lots of finishers coming in (we typically end up with about 2000 kids signed up by the end of the summer). This year, we’re able to give out a FREE BOOK to every finisher, which feels awesome (we typically have about 1000 finishers).

Another big hit has been the Fine Bucks we’re giving out to children and teens. Each SRC finisher gets 10 fine bucks, which can be used to pay fines on late or lost books on children’s or teen cards. I really love any way we can get kids’ cards clear and allow them to check out books. Parents love that our Fine Bucks don’t expire, so they can save them for when they might need them.

Photo by Abby Johnson
Photo by Abby Johnson

My staff and I have been reading, too! We’re slowly filling up our staff “reading log”, which is posted at our Children’s Reference Desk to (we hope!) inspire families to join us in reading all summer long.

Our programs have been going strong, with huge turnouts for our large performers this summer. Because we had such a HUGE increase in our outreach to schools this past school year, we took a little step back from summer programming. Families are still coming in and using their library and checking out tons of books!

It’s almost time to begin the countdown to the new school year. Our schools are changing to more of a year-round schedule and most of our schools start back on July 29!

How’s summer at YOUR library?

— Abby Johnson, Youth Services Manager
New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
New Albany, IN


  1. Julie

    You are halfway through and we are just getting started! Got to love how different things are in different parts of the country, school didn’t get out until June 26th and doesn’t start back until after Labor Day. Our first really big program is in just a couple of hours and I’m alternately terrified that no one will show up because everyone took vacation this week to piggy back on the long holiday weekend or we will overrun with Star Wars fans.

    1. Abby Johnson

      Good luck with your summer! I hope your first big program went well!!

  2. Emmanuel

    Halfway through our summer reading program as well, we have over 1700 so far. We are giving away prizes every week to every child that reads. Many of the prizes are vouchers to restaurants, the state fair, even WNBA tickets. On even numbered weeks children also get a free book. So with it being an eight week program, children can get a total of four free books. I haven’t even mentioned the other various programs going on to compliment summer reading…it’s a busy and crazy time.

    1. Abby Johnson

      That is so awesome that you can give your kids so many books! What a great way to keep them reading and build home libraries!

  3. Krys

    I’ve been thinking of doing a reading log for my school library, but then I start reading and get distracted with my online classes lol
    – Krys

    1. Abby Johnson

      We’ve found that it’s a great way to share among colleagues and patrons what we’re reading. Lots of folks stop by the take a look at our log!

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