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It’s Time to Think About…Back to School Books!

Most of us are still in the thick of summer reading programs. It’s hard to believe that in just a few weeks, patrons will clamor for “first day of school” books. (Admittedly, this is usually an adult patron request more than a young patron’s request!)  Although we have many excellent “first day of school” books, every summer brings new favorites to add to our collection. Have you read these recent “first day of school” books?


(image taken from Richard Torrey’s website)

Ally-Saurus and the First Day of School is dinosaur-obsessed. Everything–and I mean, EVERYTHING–has to be tied to dinosaurs. Ally is disappointed that not all of her fellow classmates share her devotion to these prehistoric creatures, but she learns that it’s fun to have friends with a variety of passions and personalities. Keep this on hand when young children start debating over whether something is a boy or girl color/toy/interest.


(image taken from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt website)

Losing your bucket on the first day of preschool is not an ideal way to start your academic career. Luckily, Flo soon solves her dilemma with the help of her new friend, Bob. As you can see, Bob and Flo are penguins, which ratchets up the adorable factor.



(image taken from Penguin Random House)

The big yellow school bus is a source of fascination for many young children, even before they are old enough to ride the bus. (Donald Crews’s School Bus is a favorite in my toddler story time). While anything that moves on wheels is super cool, all the kids in The Bus is For Us agree that the school bus is the coolest of them all. This is marvelously inclusive; the bus is the best because everyone can ride!


(image taken from Bloomsbury Publishing website)

Many “first day of school” books focuses on the young student’s nervousness. Dad’s First Day, however, is all about dad’s uncertainty about the first day of school (exaggerated for comic effect, obviously). Oliver is pumped about starting school, but Dad needs a little convincing! Turning a common concern on its head is a fantastic way to still address the situation, but make it fun and funny.

What are your favorite “first day of school” books? Share in the comments below!


  1. Renee Perron

    I like Polka-Dot Fixes Kindergarten by Catherine Urdahl and illustrated by Mai S. Kemble. In the story, a young girl uses the help of her grandfather’s “fix-it” kit to help make a new friend.

  2. Jennifer Schultz

    I will have to look for Polka-Dot Fixes Kindergarten!

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