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Sunny Books for Springtime Reads

I couldn’t stand it any longer. Even though we were facing significant snowfall the following day, I put up a springtime themed display on March 1 (several patrons and staff members who were aware of the forecast were amused, but I didn’t care). I had the last laugh, though, because several patrons added a spring book or two to the piles of books they carried to the checkout desk. (Nothing like a good snowstorm prediction to boost circulation statistics.)

Happily, the snow packs are starting to melt, and our springtime books are marching out the door with happy patrons. Here are some of my favorites:


(image taken from Macmillan website)

And Then it’s Spring is perfect for these not-quite-spring days. A young boy and friends are looking for signs of spring, but the grass and trees are rather dull-looking. This is the time to plant seeds, though, and plant them he does. And waits….until the longed-for green appears. Julie Fogliano’s text is poetic but down-to-earth, and Erin E. Stead’s illustrations are the perfect antidote to cold March days.


(image taken from HarperCollins website)

Finding Spring has been an enormous hit at our libraries, ever since we received it in the dark days of February. This little bear cub is in no mood for hibernating and is anxious to experience his first spring. However, he’s too early for spring, as snowflakes are definitely not an indication that spring has arrived.  Bear cubs need to hibernate during winter, so back he goes to Mama Bear, until spring finally finds him. Carin Berger’s text and illustrations are endearing and captivating; this is already on my Caldecott 2016 shortlist.


(image taken from Scholastic website)

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons is another sublime creation by Il Sung Na. Although animals endure the winter in different ways (some hibernate, some migrate, etc), little rabbit’s activities don’t change much throughout the winter. Rabbit’s brown coat reveal at the book’s conclusion shows that the shift in seasons brings a change even to him. This is a perfect choice for a “Rabbit Reads” story time that doesn’t include Easter Bunny books.

Do you have any must-read springtime favorites?



  1. Renee Perron

    I love Spring is Here! written and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. In this amusing book, mole tries many ways to wake up the sleeping bear to let him know that spring is finally here.

  2. Jennifer Schultz

    I love Will Hillenbrand’s books! Will definitely track that one down.

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