ALA Midwinter 2015

Bonus Day at #alamw15

This morning I awoke bright and early (read: 5:45am) to line up for the Youth Media Awards. As always, it was an unforgettable experience to be in the room when the honor and award titles were announced! I laughed, I cheered, I tweeted, I gasped, I was in awe of the extremely talented ASL interpreter.

After the exhilarating announcements, I quickly checked my flight status only to find that my flight this afternoon had been canceled. Although it took a bit to get everything settled (2 hours on hold with the airline…but who’s counting?), after it was all said and done my flight was rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

Even though I’m longing to see my family and get back to work (my to-do list is so long!), I’ve decided to embrace this “bonus” day at the conference. As I type this, I’m once again sitting on the Notable Children’s Book as the committee examines non-fiction titles. I’ll be able to meet up with wonderful friends for dinner, and for the first time attend the ALSC and YALSA Joint Reception this evening.

So I hope if you’re also stuck in Chicago for a “bonus” day that you’re able to spend this extra time with wonderful friends (old or new).

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