ALA Midwinter 2015

ALSC’s Next Steps after Day of Diversity

On Friday, January 30, 2015 the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), in collaboration with the Children’s Book Council hosted the invitation-only Day of Diversity: Dialogue and Action in Children’s Literature and Library Programming. Recognizing the conversations at the event was of interest to a much larger audience than we were able to accommodate at the Day of Diversity, ALSC and the CBC Diversity Committee sponsored a follow up program at ALA Midwinter. ALSC will continue to share information and outcomes from this event widely.

On Monday, February 2nd during their Session II meeting, the ALSC Board of Directors reflected on the Day of Diversity and put together a list of commitments by the Association for the next three months and the next six months.

This isn’t the start of the diversity or inclusion conversation for ALSC, nor by any means is it the end. This list reflects the measurable next steps that ALSC’s leadership has committed the Association to taking in the short term. These steps include educational opportunities for our members and opportunities for all ALSC members to add their voice and ideas to this conversation. We look forward to your participation and feedback throughout.


  • At the ALSC Board of Directors Session II on Monday, February 2, 2015 – the Board voted to move the start time of ALSC’s All-Committee meeting, during Annual Conference only, to 10:30AM – 12:00PM to allow for more participation by ALSC members at the CSK Breakfast. The Board recognizes that this may limit the amount of time committees have to work, but encourages chairs to work throughout the year virtually between meetings to disperse the workload.

3 Months

  • ALSC will craft, and make available, a value based elevator speech about Día in order to assist youth services librarians in advocating for resources to plan Día and other multicultural programming.
  • ALSC will convene a taskforce that will review multiple areas within the Association including materials, services and profession; and propose high level changes to move the diversity needle forward within children’s librarianship.

6 Months

  • ALSC will complete a Building STEAM with Día Toolkit.
  • Together, ALSC and the Children’s Book Council, will compile Day of Diversity survey results, resources, and participant’s personal ‘next steps’ and make information available online.
  • An “action” tab will be placed on the Día website which will contain resources shared at the Day of Diversity with additional content added. Additionally, ALSC will link to these resources from the professional tools portion of the ALSC website.
  • ALSC award and evaluation committee chair trainings will include a discussion about inclusion and diversity.


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  2. Francois Keyser


    I found this article of interest in view of the fact that my series of Children’s Books, “The Junglies” has as it’s central theme “Unity in Diversity”.

    I believe that in our multicultural global village today we need to teach children to respect other cultures, religions and races from as early an age as possible. The theme of unity in diversity is evident in my books with the characters being represented by animals who, despite being different species, are all friends and work together to overcome challenges and have fun.

    The theme can also be extended to the animals friend “Jungle Man” who represents man’s ideal relationship with nature and also the respect we should have for other living things.

    I believe that my series is a good platform for teaching children about unity in diversity as it uses animals which support the theme from a neutral perspective as opposed to using any specific culture, religion or race to demonstrate the theme.

    There are 11 books in “The Junglies” series and the first one “Tiger Loses His Stripes” is available in paperback format.

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