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STEM and Nursery Rhymes #alsc14

The Sing, Talk, Read, Write and Play with Math and Science session focused on including STEM concepts in storytime. One of the biggest take aways is the fact that science and math concepts are not separate from early literacy, but a part of early literacy. Highlighting STEM in storytimes provides children with background knowledge. The more background knowledge a child has, the more likely he or she will recognize and understand concepts when reading.

The best part of this is that STEM is already present in many storytime classics, including nursery rhymes. Take, for example, the rhyme, Jack and Jill. This rhyme provides opportunities to discuss cause and effect, force and motion, the term crown, using a pail as a tool, and measuring volume with water.

Examine some of your favorite nursery rhymes. What STEM concepts can you find?


  1. Rhyme Mam

    I agree with you Erin, STEM can be found easily around yourself. It’s helpful too, I think there is some special bond between nursery rhymes and STEM.


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