ALA Annual 2014

Reflections of an Emerged Leader at #alaac14

So as of 4:00pm, I am officially an Emerged Leader from the program of ALA. If you’re looking for leadership training and have fewer than five years of experience, you should definitely take a look at this worthwhile program. And the best part -75% of our Emerging Leaders were sponsored by state associations, round tables, and other organizations, which makes the financial concerns much less worrisome.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, where I met so many librarians who had the same passion for their career as I do. I have so much respect for the work these librarians are doing in their communities. And I really enjoyed working on a group project where each one of us was committed and willing to get the work done in time for the annual conference. If you have any interest in getting more involved in ALA, take a look at this beneficial program!

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