ALA Annual 2014

Making Connections at ALSC 101 #alaac14

Starr LaTronica speaks at ALSC 101
ALSC President Starr LaTronica speaks at ALSC 101 (photo courtesy of ALSC)

As a staff member, ALSC 101 has been my favorite event for a few reasons:

  1. I get to meet people from around the country, who are always excited to learn about ALSC
  2. It’s cheesy, but I really do enjoy playing get-to-know-you games
  3. Hearing really inspiring mini-speeches from ALSC leaders, super charges you with a sense of purpose
  4. Everyone leaves smiling

Last night was my fourth ALSC 101 and I can’t remember a better one. Highlights of the evening included Justin Crossfox’s excellent emcee-ing, me getting tell people about my love of Settlers of Catan, and learning more about some really great attendees from exotic locations.

Thanks to the ALSC Membership Committee who put on an excellent ALSC 101 session last night at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference. Thank you also to our amazing speakers, Andrew Medlar, Rita Auerbach, Ernie Cox, Starr LaTronica, and Ellen Riordan.

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