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Take-Home Activity Handouts for Preschool Science Programs

Every other month when I post about a preschool science program, I mention the take-home activity handouts that I share with attendees and other library visitors. I get lots of requests from ALSC Blog readers to see what these handouts look like, so today I’m sharing a few.

The purpose of these take-home activity handouts is to extend the science learning we do at the library into activities families do together at home. Children learn through experience, and my goal is to facilitate lots of fun, interactive experiences with a science topic to encourage concept learning. As a result, my typical handout includes a few activities and experiments, each with step-by-step instructions and a list of supplies (which I try to keep to common household items in order to make doing the activities easier). I’ll also include important vocabulary, with preschool-appropriate definitions from a children’s dictionary, that relates to our science topic. My typical handouts tend to be one page, front and back.

Below is a look at my Color Science take-home activity handout. You can see a pdf version of both it and the Strength and Materials with the Three Little Pigs handout by clicking these links: Color Science handout and Strength and Materials handout.

Color Science handout, photo by Amy Koester.
Color Science handout, photo by Amy Koester.

Occasionally, I’ll mix things up when it comes to making my handouts. I like to change things around every once in a while so that these handouts don’t become visually stale. A perfect example of mixing things up is my recent handout for a program on counting and measuring. This half-sheet includes brief tips for mixing counting and measuring into daily activities, and it also includes a simple recipe for homemade pizza–a caregiver/child joint activity with tons of opportunities for measuring and counting. To see the pdf version of this handout, with two handouts per sheet, click here.

Count and Measure Together handout, photo by Amy Koester.
Count and Measure Together handout, photo by Amy Koester.

So there you have it, the take-home activity handouts that I mention in each of my Preschool Science program recap posts. I highly encourage any library offering preschool science programs to create handouts of your own to share with caregivers–it just gives caregivers that much more simple access to early literacy- and STEM-positive experiences that they can share with their kids.


  1. Janet Wong

    Looks like these preschoolers are getting a great head start with your handouts!

  2. Stephanie Han

    I would love to get on the mailing list for all of these lessons.
    I am teaching Summer School focused on STEM for incoming Kinders and
    love these ideas and the ones attached to story books, such as the Three Little Pigs lesson.
    Thanks for sharing!

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