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Using Apps and eBooks in Early Literacy Programming #pla2014

Saroj Ghoting and Cen Campbell presented about the use of technology in early literacy programming, with a lot of takeaways that we should probably all be trying to apply at our libraries. Both Saroj and Cen emphasize that technology must not just be interactive, but reactive. The app has to support relationship building between caregiver and child.

I find myself especially motivated by their call to be media mentors to families in our communities. If we don’t, there are many large corporations that are happy to do it instead, and often without a child’s health and development at heart. We live in a hybrid publishing world, and our programs as well as readers advisory should reflect that media environment.

I very much appreciated Cen’s advice to start where you are. It can be very intimidating, but learning along with your community is a perfectly fine place to start.


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  1. Saroj Ghoting

    Yes, keep or put the interpersonal into apps. Parents often think apps are educational and they are interactive. In our day and age interactive can be reactive (in a mechanical way–press a button and something happens) or responsive (relate to the child him/herself) but the most important part of language development especially at a young age is that it is interpersonal. The adult needs to be part of the picture, needs to understand ways to support their children’s development, whether using apps or not.

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