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ECRR2 at #pla2014 preconference

Sure, you can use your five fingers to remind yourself about ECRR2 but it’s going to be a snowy PLA, so if your mittens are hiding those fingers, just remember to TALK!  The preconference sessions panel gave us a mini-session on presenting ECRR2 and then moved on to their successes (and roadblocks) to bringing it to their communities.  I’m always on the hunt for new tips to share with parents, so here’s a few I’m taking with me:

*Every time you read a wordless book with your child, it’s a different experience.  Tired of reading the same books over and over? Wordless books can be a sanity saver!

*Children learn 9 new words each day

*Lullabies get a lot of mileage in a child’s life.  The song that is part of a bedtime routine for a toddler helps calm a sick 4 year old or ease an anxious 8 year old.

*Librarians have the opportunity to be media mentors for families.  (“Media mentor” is a new phrase for me, but it’s one I can see using frequently)

…and the afternoon session is starting!

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  1. KathyK

    These are excellent tips. I really appreciate having information and ideas supporting ECRR2 posted frequently or even repeatedly. These are inspiring and keep me focused. Thank you.

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