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Student Voice in the Library

At school we just had our professional development day and the overarching topic was student voice.  As a part of the planning committee I have been thinking on this topic for a long time, and have been figuring out ways to incorporate student voice more fully into the school library environment.

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I always ask my 4th graders to reflect at the end of the school year.  What are their favorite parts about library as a special? What do they like about the space and collection?  What would they change given the chance?  I love this practice, but it also isn’t so effective since it happens at the end of the school year.

I am now thinking of including my students more in the ordering process, as well as in the curricular planning.  Of course, we always take student requests during the year as we order, but I am thinking of more explicitly sitting down with the classes and talking about the collection.  I would tell them about the mission of the library and the school view of purpose, and see if we can come up with an order list that will fill the holes and satisfy the recreational readers as well.

Do your students have a voice in your libraries?  I’d love to know how and where you incorporate student voice.

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