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Life Size Games

Tweens love games so it’s no surprise that some of our most successful programs for this age have been based on games. Life size games aren’t too hard to adapt and if you choose games tweens are already familiar with, they have a chance to try something fun without feeling like they don’t know how to play,

We’ve run three different life size game programs at my library-Candy Land, Clue, and Monopoly. Candy Land was the easiest to prepare using laminated construction paper to create the game board path on the floor. Monopoly was the most time consuming. Staff used large poster board to create each space, made sandwich board game pieces for the tweens to act as the game tokens, and collected Monopoly money and cards. For our game of Clue, I used our storyhour room which has tile and taped out outlines of each room and the tile squares counted as one space. The nice thing about putting these games together is once it’s made, it’s a program that can easily be repeated.

Each life size game had a great turnout. Since the tweens were pretty familiar with how to play the game, they caught on quickly. The tweens loved that they were the game pieces and had a blast rolling giant die and moving around the room. Each game we played we gave a time limit but the tweens begged for more rounds. We even had parents join in and play Monopoly and had a fun family event.

I’m looking for more board games that I can transform to a life size format. It’s a great way to bring tweens into the library.



  1. Lauren

    I love the idea of life-sized games. How did you deal with a player limit? Did you simplify the game at all? I’d be worried that 25 kids would show up and only six could play.

    1. Sarah Bean Thompson

      We actually didn’t worry about it too much because we hadn’t been getting large numbers for tween programs. I think we did do registration for Monopoly once and we had thought about having them work in pairs as well if we had too many,

  2. Kim

    We’ve done Life-Size Battleship at our library with the teens and it was a lot of fun! We’re also looking at trying Jenga and/or Chutes and Ladders.

    1. Sarah Bean Thompson

      Jenga would be fun! We have large foam computer packing blocks that could be perfect for that!

  3. Sarah

    Last summer we did life-size Candyland and Angry Birds (which isn’t a board game, but is still awesome). Candyland required way more prep than Angry Birds, but both were tons of fun.

    1. Sarah Bean Thompson

      Angry Birds would be a blast. I’ve seen life size Fruit Ninja with water balloons that I would love to try.

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