ALA Midwinter 2014

Notables #alamw14

Notable book table
Notable book table

Sat in on the Notable Books discussion this afternoon. Around 25 people in the audience to listen to the committee start their discussion of quite the list! Anyone can sit in and hear the thoughtful comments by librarians that are obviously passionate about books – and also very close readers. If you are at the conference, this is a great way to see in action the workings of a book committee, and also a way to see and hear about the best books of the year. If you are “left behind” you can find the list on the ALSC site (anyone want to provide that link? I am in hotel on iPad and not so easy to do right now!!) if you are in Philly, check the schedule and sit in for a bit- you don’t have to stay the whole time.


  1. Abby Johnson

    I am definitely making it a priority to get to one of the Notables discussion for at least a little while. It’s one thing that many of our mentors at the Morris Seminar recommended to us, too.

  2. Laura Arnhold

    I’m spending some time at the Notables discussion now and I love listening in others’ opinions about all these books that I’ve read over the past year!

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