ALA Annual 2014

Morris Seminar at #alamw14

Or, basically everything you would want to know about evaluating and discussing books packed into one intense day.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted to the 4th bi-annual Morris Seminar and if you ever have the chance, you should definitely apply.

We heard from experts in the book evaluation and discussion field about how to evaluate books, how to effectively discuss books in a group, and what the experience of serving on an award committee is like.

We also broke into small groups to discuss some preselected titles and practice what we had just learned about.

Breakout Group #4 by Abby Johnson
Breakout Group #4 by Abby Johnson

We discussed so much that it would be difficult to talk about it all, but I will share some advice from our panelists about serving on an awards committee:

  • Think about what your feelings are about the award and what kind of book you would like to win. Know that about yourself, but then set that aside.
  • Be open to having your mind changed and gird yourself for disappointment. It may not be your personal favorite that wins, but trust in the process and the committee.
  • When serving on an award committee, you have to accept the responsibility to stand behind the choice of the committee.
  • You need to make the committee one of your highest priorities. It’s going to be a LOT of work.
  • Enjoy what you’re doing and try not to be intimidated by the amount of reading. Remember why you want to serve: to share a love of children’s literature!

— Abby Johnson, Children’s Services Manager
New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
New Albany, IN

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