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2013 ALSC Programming Round-Up

Last month, the YALSA Blog had a post on programming ideas they published in the last year. It was such a great idea, an ALSC Blog reader suggested we offer a similar compilation, and New Year’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity! So, without further ado, here are some of the many programming posts from the ALSC Blog which were published in 2013.

Speed Racer Science
This STEM program offers a hands-on activity for school-agers which takes advantage of kids’ love of things that go while talking about Newton’s First Law of Motion.

Character Craft
Filled with ideas about bringing your favorite storybook character to life, this post details ideas for presenting great children’s books and spurring young imaginations.

Process & Product Art in Storytime
We talk a great deal about process versus product in preschool art programs we offer. This post looks at the debate and exposes valid points from both sides.

Bibliophile Read-a-Force
Want to start a book club at your Library? Here are some great ideas for implementing a book loving group for tweens.

Bridge Science or Engineering in the Library
Want to offer a program which goes beyond Legos to offer an opportunity for children to build and engineer things in your library? Check out this post!

Programming Ideas for Autism Awareness Month
This post was written to suggest programs for use in April, but the ideas are excellent year-round.  (I particularly liked the idea about teen volunteers meeting regularly with younger children on the autism spectrum to learn and practice social skills while working on art projects.)

Going Commercial Free
Encompassing both philosophical issues as well as practical issues, this post tells of a Library branch which made the decision to stop using copyright/branded puppets and stuffed animals in their play area and during storytimes. It’s a thought-provoking piece.

Parachute Science: A School-Age STEM Program
This step-by-step guide demonstrates a science program which utilizes toy parachute soldiers — those small plastic figures with thin plastic parachutes – which many of us played with as kids.

Intergenerational Programming at Your Library
Have you ever thought about offering programs at your Library which are designed to bridge the generation gap? Check out this post for ideas.

Do It Yourself Spa Day for Tweens
Geared for kids in upper elementary school and lower middle school, this program offers make-and-take ideas like oatmeal scrub, glitter body lotion, and lip gloss; recipes included.

Go, Go, Gobot
A very simple but powerful idea to keep your Library in family’s minds as they go about their lives.

The Art Room
This post talks about a successful effort to make process art an integral part of children’s library experiences.

RWD – Read, Watch, Discuss
What a great idea! Select a book for kids to read, discuss it, and then watch the movie while enjoying pizza.

Digital Scavenger Hunt
Here’s a great idea to incorporate some new technologies into your programming. Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?

A Gaming Connection
Minecraft is a very popular computer game for kids. Have you ever considered using this game as a way to build additional connections with kids?

Want more great programming ideas? Click here for more ALSC Blog posts about programming and stay tuned for future ideas! If YOU are a children’s librarian with a great programming idea you’d like to share, contact us at about writing a guest post.

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