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This time of year, many of us hear cautions against over-eating. The cookies! The candies! The parties with melted cheese appetizers! But do we caution ourselves against over-reading? I have been on a reading binge this year. Next year my reading will be reserved for committee work, so this year, I have been a reading maniac. On Twitter, I have been part of a “50 Book Pledge”. It is a reading campaign put on by The Savvy Reader. Basically, you sign on to read at least 50 books in the year, and Tweet about your reading. For those of us who use picture books on a regular basis, 50 books is a breeze. But this year I’ve been wolfing down adult books, too! And my diet contains YA novels just for fun, in addition to all the picture books and middle-grade fiction. Just for fun! I am only 1 book away from my 200-Book goal – if you want to see my bookshelf, here it is.

Photo of book shelf by Angela Reynolds
Photo of book shelf by Angela Reynolds

How many books have you read this year? Do you keep track? If so, where and how do you keep track? I love having this online bookshelf, it is easy for me to go back and find a book that I read but can’t recall the title. I want to hear your over-reading stories – there’s lots of room in the comments…


  1. Diana

    I also have a digital reading shelf. I love it!. I use Goodreads for my shelf, however I often don’t write any comments.

  2. Ms. Martha

    I, too, have used Goodreads for my shelves – I divide them by year and age audience mainly, with tags for topics. Since I read mainly middle grade fiction (and younger YA) for the mock Newbery group here at Eva Perry Library, my brain is mainly mush when trying to pull a title out. I do stop “all” reading during the month of February, and start the new “year” in March before the kids start reading in April to find the best book of the year. I typically read 60-90 books each year, not counting picture books for storytimes. Even then I can’t really keep ahead of 25 kids’ reading!

  3. Abby Johnson

    I am doing the exact same thing, Angela. Since I know Committee reading will take over my life in 2014, I have been so determined to read what I want that I had to increase my Goodreads reading goal and now I’ve already met the new goal for 2013!

    I use Goodreads ALL THE TIME and write at least a very brief review to help me remember.

  4. Angela Reynolds

    Sounds like GOODREADS is a popular way to track reading online. I just cannot find the time to participate in one more Social Media Thing, so I’ve never gone down the Goodreads path. I like the sorting idea, though. Maybe in 2015!

  5. Kary Henry

    I use Goodreads as well — don’t often have the time to write comments, although I like the idea of doing so to help myself remember. I do like using the various bookshelves to keep my books organized, and the To-Read list just keeps getting longer, but at least the list isn’t in my head anymore!

  6. Lisa Dennis

    I haven’t kept track of my reading since I did so a (very) long time ago in a small diary (the kind with a cheap, pseudo-leather cover and tiny lock). The lists featured lots of Phyllis Whitney titles as I recall. Maybe I should have guessed then that I’d end up in library school. And maybe it’s time for me to use one of these new-fangled tools to start keeping a list again. Thanks for the fun and inspiring post.

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