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In tune with my patrons: a small success story

Has an ALSC blog post every spurred you to action? Spawned a great new idea? Opened up a new opportunity? We all hope that these daily posts help advance the cause of librarianship to children – helping librarians and their young patrons reach a brighter, more meaningful and more interesting future.

Here is one such success story.

Back in the summer of 2012, ALSC guest blogger, Tess Goldwasser of St. Mary’s County Library in MD, wrote a post entitled “Music and Libraries: A Natural Combination.” I read it and thought,

“Hmmmm… I wonder if I could play the ukulele.”

I emailed her about using the ukulele in library storytime programs and I was enthusiastic about the possibilities. She was very helpful, offering advice on purchasing a ukulele and finding music. Then Superstorm Sandy hit, and my life took a different turn for several months; but still, I couldn’t shake that ukulele from my mind.


In the winter, I resettled in my home, and I acquired a shiny red ukulele! I reconnected with Tess, and she gave me continued encouragement and some great ideas for easy songs. I’m still learning and my repertoire is thin, but children are so wonderful – they love it! We learn the letter “U,” we count the strings, we take note of its lovely color, and of course, we sing! I even play at home. “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers lends itself very well to the ukulele.

So that’s my success story. Thanks, Tess. 🙂 Does anyone else have one to share?

The current nugget that’s lodged in the back of my brain?  “The StoryMob.”




Note: Ukulele enhancements are courtesy of PicMonkey. It doesn’t look quite so effervescent when sitting on my couch, but it certainly comes alive in storytime!


  1. SeaWorld San Diego

    A lovely story to read… thanks for sharing

  2. Casey O'Leary

    I was inspired by the “StoryMob” article too! Now planning one for our town’s holiday festival in December…

    1. Lisa

      Awesome! Which story are you doing (or is it a secret)?

      1. Casey O'Leary

        We’re going to do, “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and ask families to participate. Since it’s a poem it lends itself nicely to sectioning so more people can speak. Very excited!

  3. Tess

    Aww I’m so happy to hear about your ukulele success! Glad you and your story time kids are loving it 🙂

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