Caldecott 75th Anniversary

Caldecott 75th Anniversary: Looking Back, Looking Forward

caldecott75_FBheaderThe 75th anniversary of the Caldecott medal has been an incredible year-long celebration.  The events and activities that took place this past year stemmed from the award’s rich history.  All of these treasures have been archived and refreshed for your convenience on the Caldecott 75th Anniversary webpage.

Here’s a top ten list of the gems you’ll find there.

10. Say What?!
From Facebook Forums with Caldecott artists to KidLit Red Carpet interviews, ALSC got the scoop!  There was a lot of chatter on the ALSC Blog and on Twitter with #caldecott75 and #ncbanquet.

9. The Way We Were
The Caldecott Anniversary Scrapbook is your ticket to a visual history of the honored award. The scrapbook’s timeline format highlights decades of Caldecott ceremony and celebration.

8. Embarrassment of Riches
Look no further than the Spring 2013 edition of Children and Libraries,, or the Newbery and Caldecott Mock Elections Tool Kit for everything you need to know about the medal and the books.

7. Some Things Never Change
You have likely offered a lagniappe or two over the years, but nothing beats a bookmark for a library give-away.   The Caldecott 75th Anniversary bookmark features the anniversary logo illustrated by Brian Selznick and clues to five characters, from past Caldecott Medal-winning books, who appear on the logo.

6. So Much to Learn
From the online Caldecott course to four free webinars (now available as recordings), the Caldecott Academy keeps members on their toes.

5. Unforgettable Events
The Caldecott 75th Anniversary made its mark on several ALSC events in 2012-2013.  Highlights include the National Institute, the Wild Ride preconference, and numerous programs at ALA Annual in Chicago, including the Charlemae Rollins President’s Program: Think with Your Eyes!

4. Red Letter Red Carpet
Hundreds of people answered the call to “Meet Me on the Red Carpet” prior to the 2013 Newbery-Caldecott-Wilder banquet at ALA Annual in Chicago.  Was it the Banquet Bingo, the Caldecocktails, or the special outfits that created allure?  We might never know.

Caldecott 75th Anniversary logo by Brian Selznick3. A Lovely Logo
2008 Caldecott Medal Winner Brian Selznick has cleverly brought together characters from past Caldecott Medal-winning books — beginning with the very first in 1938 and spanning all the way to the 21st century — in this logo that he created especially for the 75th Anniversary celebration.

2. The Merch
Can’t get enough of the logo?  Check out the great merchandise available for purchase by ALSC members.

1. See You at 100!
The legacy continues as the next Caldecott winner is up for contention.  Stay tuned for the Youth Media Awards announcement on January 27, 2014, and mark your calendar for the centennial Caldecott celebration in 25 years.

Thanks for celebrating with us!
The Caldecott 75th Anniversary Task Force
Nina Lindsay (Chair), Nick Glass, KT Horning, Melanie Lyttle, Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, and Joanna Ward



  1. Angela Reynolds

    I participated in some of these events — and I would like to give the 75th Anniversary Task Force a big round of applause– well done! Huzzah! Hooray! Yippeee!

  2. Tessa Michaelson Schmidt

    Thanks Angela! We are glad it was an enjoyable celebration.

  3. Barbara Klipper

    Kudos to the task force! You did an amazing job!
    I took K.T. ‘s online class, which was wonderful and enlightening, and I love my 75th anniversary t-shirt and wear it with pride.
    As a member of the upcoming 2015 committee, I am humbled by the knowledge that I will be contributing to this glorious history. I’m also thrilled and honored to think that I get to be a part of it. Can’t wait!

  4. Tessa Michaelson Schmidt

    Thanks Barbara! Thanks for being part of the Caldecott history and future.

  5. Carolyn Brodie

    WOW! Tessa—thanks for the post to remind us all to look back on this remarkable year of celebration! And, kudos to an outstanding, remarkable, resourceful, hardworking task force led with grace by Nina Lindsay.

    I look forward to using the scrapbook and some of the other resources with my classes at Kent in the coming years.

  6. Tessa Michaelson Schmidt

    Thank you Carolyn. We couldn’t have done it without the leadership of ALSC!

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