ALA Annual 2013

Think With Your Eyes! Follow-Up

The ALSC President’s Program “Think with Your Eyes!” took place at ALA Annual Conference a little over a month ago, but there’s more! A short video presentation was prepared for the conclusion of the 2013 ALSC President’s Program. Since the timing also coincided with the last moment in a year-long celebration of the Caldecott Medal’s 75th anniversary, program chair Wendy Lukehart couldn’t resist pondering what Randolph Caldecott might think of Visual Thinking Strategies and STEAM learning–elements of the program, as well as the twelve-month ALSC party in his honor. Of course all we have are his letters, sketches, art, and picture books to assuage inquiring minds. They offer some illumination if you look closely…

Also check-out the great President’s Program resource guide that features titles and websites on visual literacy, understanding art, museum resources, museum/library collaborations, and STEAM programming. Many thanks to the ALSC committees that contributed to the guide.

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