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Kids Say the Darndest Things

One thing that having Active Learning Centers at the library has provided is some great laughs! Kids say the most amazing things when they are at play. They are using their imaginations, growing their vocabulary and pretending to be grown ups!

At our “Set the Table” center one little girl was quietly setting the table when a little boy she doesn’t know walks up to the table and throws himself in a chair in a huff and then says “Bring me some coffee!” The little girl looks around shocked. The little boy repeats, “I said, Bring me some coffee!”


The “Post Office” center provides endless giggles and warm fuzzies from the letters that are written to the library or story book characters. These are a few great p0st office letters!

post office


The conversations that happen over the “Whisper Tube” are sweet and adorable for the most part but they can be funny too! Two brothers were busy whispering back and forth they are giggling and having the best time. Then the young brother stands up and yells across the room “I am not a poo poo head!”Whisper Tube 6

At the “Dress Up” center, a little girl had one the mail carrier hat and the doctor coat. Another girl walks up to her and says “Are you a mail doctor? You know the doctor who helps people who are hurt by their mail?”

dress up


We have found complex math as well as portraits of librarians on the manga doodles.









Needless to say the kids aren’t the only ones having a blast with our kid friendly engaging environment!  Librarians often walk away from a shift in the children’s section with a few giggles and some warm fuzzies. What fun things have you heard at your library?

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  1. Shannon T.

    I love your library’s learning centers! Where do you purchase the materials for the centers? I’d love to do something like this at my library; I just don’t know where to start.

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