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The Caldecott Costume Challenge

I’ll admit it–Halloween is my favorite holiday. I absolutely LOVE to dress up, to find that perfect costume. So when I heard about the Caldecott Costume Challenge  I was excited, especially since I will be attending the banquet. So, the search was on. The first thing I did was browse through the whole list of Caldecott books — both winners and honors— for inspiration.

I then took photophotos of book images on my iPod so that while I was out shopping I could  perhaps find just the thing. I really, really wanted to find a Wild Things outfit–I was on the hunt for a striped shirt and a fancy skirt that had a scale print (or at least one I could paint). Alas, my Wild Thing costume was not to be. But if you are reading this and you find the perfect Wild Thing outfit, I hope you’ll show it to me in Chicago!

And so, the search was on. I talked a friend into accompanying me for a Frenchy’s Run.  Some of my fellow Maritimers may curse me for letting this secret out, but I am not the first to do so.  Frenchy’s is more than a thrift store, it is a way of life. Digging through bins of clothing can be very therapeutic — and the FIND is such a thrill. With many locations throughout Nova Scotia, a “Frenchy’s Run” means starting at one store and stopping at each one until you have exhausted either your budget for the day or your body (or both!).  So we were off. With several books in mind, I began my search. I found a nice striped shirt that might work, but no good skirt. But then–I did come across a sweet little skirt for another book frenchysidea, but no top. I also found a lovely 100% silk shawl to go with the skirt. So far–I’ve spent $5.  After a long day of driving, bin-picking, and a stop for ice-cream, I still had no confirmed costume. Idea #3 began to take form. I could do it with things from my closet, and it would suffice.  And then yesterday, as I was walking down the street to my doctor appointment, there, in a window, was The Top. The top to compliment my skirt and shawl. The perfect top. Alas, it was not at Frenchy’s, and I had to purchase it brand-new.  But hey, how often do I get to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Caldecott? I splurged. And you’ll just have to wait for the Red Carpet to see it.

Which book (or illustrator) will you be wearing on June 30?

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