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My Summer Reading Club Resolutions

Why should resolutions only be made at the beginning of the new year?  The ball doesn’t need to drop in Times Square for us to make some changes in how we approach our work.  I’ve decided to make some resolutions before our summer reading club begins.  I hope at the end of this busy, exciting, and exhausting summer, I can confidently say I made progress on how I approach this special time of year.  What goals do I have to enhance my summer reading mindset?            Chalkboard Resolutions

Embrace the Need for Crowd Control – Though summer is a wonderful time to bring in people to our library, as a smaller branch facility, we often have to deal with the wonderful problem of having more patrons than our building can support.  If we expect a certain number of participants for a program and two day care buses pull up to our front doors with a cast of thousands, we adapt, whether it’s by adding an impromptu program for the large group or working with the day cares in a less busy space within the library to meet the demand.  I embrace the idea that we can never have enough help in the summer!  With a mentality focused on the overall branch as a team instead of individual departments, staff members from all areas and volunteers will provide assistance and support so we may best serve these crowds.

Understand Change is a Process — Change in our library systems can benefit our customers.  Even the most successful changes, however, will still have hiccups at first as we transition from one program, service, or model to the next.  This summer we are introducing a big change to the way we conduct our summer reading club with an online registration component.  There is sure to be a lot of success stories with this service!  A huge change, no matter the success, however, is a major undertaking.  I resolve this summer that I will continue to encourage and embrace the idea that change is a process.  I know through relying on teamwork and organization, we will ensure any bumps that inevitably occur with a new service are quickly smoothed out along the way.

Anticipate the Next Chapter — Adrenaline can kick in when we’re promoting our summer reading club with fervor and passing out those prizes.  When it’s the end of our eight week club, I resolve to reflect and evaluate our program.  Planning and promoting this program takes all year.  Instead of being let-down that our summer reading club has run its course, I resolve I will anticipate our next big undertaking, the return of a new school year, with that same energy and enthusiasm.  We have opportunities throughout all twelve months to promote our library services to children and their families. I resolve I will embrace the next adventure the new school year brings. 

Summer Reading ClubMy goal is to keep these reminders and resolutions close to my heart during these eight busy and rewarding weeks of our summer reading club.  What reminders or resolutions do you have for yourself as you embark on another busy summer reading program?  Please share in the comments below!

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