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13460342471215258241bee.svg.medI’ve spoken before about how thankful I am for twitter as a tool for building my PLN.  I also love it when a session turns into a great big brain-storming-slash-sharing session for like minded educators!

This week, during #titletalk, the topic was “Creating Book Buzz with Students.”  Seeing as it was a long weekend and I was away with my family, I was unable the attend the session in real-time.  The beauty of many twitter talks is that the folks hosting them, archive them.  Today I hopped on the wikispace and paged through and gathered up some fantastic ideas going into next year.

My colleagues and I are big readers.  We all host book blogs outside of school, and we have good reputations with our community as “go-to” people when it comes to recommending books.  But the discussion on #titletalk had me thinking…what about some more passive methods of recommending books?  Some of these ideas are:

  • Starting the year off with a bulletin board showing the book covers of all of the books librarians have read over the summer.  Or have a community bulletin board highlighting the covers that all faculty and staff in the school community have read over the summer.
  • Have a permanent currently reading sign posted on the reference desk, complete with book blurb and age recommendation for the title.
  • Leave book review journals in the faculty room or in the library proper so that parents and older students can see some professional reviews aside from the ones in the big newspapers.

Do you have any passive book buzz techniques you could share with us?

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