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Board Book Storage

We recently changed a lot in my library when we made the decision to switch to subject categorization in our picture books. One of my favorite things that we changed was how we stored our Board Books.

Old storage solution for Board Books
Old storage solution for Board Books, 2008.

When I started at the library, board books were in three-drawer carts, stored at the very back of the Youth Services department. There was a display shelf rack next to the carts but, unfortunately, no one could see it from the front of the room.

A few years back, we were able to move the carts up into the middle of the room, which was more accessible for our patrons. But I never liked the three-drawer carts. Pages/clerks would constantly complain when the drawers became too full to re-shelf all of our board books, which was every other day. We needed more space.

New board book storage solution!
New board book storage solution!
Once we began working on Picture Book City, I weeded heavily. And I managed to get a new area, in the first shelves of the library to store Board Books. Since I was already working within shelves that could not be replaced, I went with cloth storage bins.

We gained three new drawers, increasing our storage options. While extra storage is great, I’m most happy with the increase visibility of board books for our patrons. Now that they are in the very front of the room, they are constantly being looked at. In the first month, we saw a 28% increase in board book circulation.

Other amazing ideas for board book storage:

  • Anne at So Tomorrow moved all of her library’s board book into a sandbox! I adore this solution, and wish we had the floor space for it.
  • A tour of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh brought this early literacy based storage spinner, from Crafts for Kids at Library Programs.
  • And Rain Gutter Bookshelves, which I first saw on Apartment Therapy.

How do you store your board books? Any great solutions that patrons went wild about to share? Let us know!

– Katie Salo
Youth Services Manager
Melrose Park Library

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