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Science in the Springtime

I can still remember the oohs and ahhs from the elementary school students, even though I presented this program years ago.  This special science program brought in a large group of day care participants and families, eager to jump at the chance to try out the interactive science stations around our activity room. 

The science program’s underwater success was a message in the bottle exercise. Children wrote a note in disappearing ink and placed the note in a bottle which they dunked in a bowl full of water in this first-hand look at the impact of water pressure. Of course, the clean-up required from the activity was a challenge, especially when one overly excited child decided to throw his bottle instead of gently dunking it, but this activity sure left a watery and wondrous impression. 

Science activities like this seem to draw out crowds at our library system, and this spring, our focus on science is sure to be a blast.  In place of secret messages in a bottle, our Youth Services staff members will promote science with a vast assortment of interactive programming at our eight branch locations.  In celebration of the North Carolina Science Festival, an initiative of Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, we will encourage youth to experience the joy of science in their natural world.  NC Science Festival

We’ll ask children what they spy with their little eyes during the “Eye Spy Optical Illusions” program, and participants will create their own thaumatrope. Through the special program “Science Racers,” attendees will make their own mini-hovercraft and balloon race car. Tweens and teens will participate in the Science Festival through our “Teen Tuesday” programming, as they make a piece of borax crystal art and learn how to use our ReadyANIMATOR to create short movies.

Younger children are also encouraged to participate in hands-on exercises. Preschool participants will shake and move as they learn about body science through the program, “No Bones About It: Our Bodies Rock!” Toddlers and older children will build and explore in our “Lego Free Play” program. Bubble science will lead us up, up, and away through our preschool special “Bubble Festival” as attendees even get to explore inside a giant bubble.

Science in the SpringtimeSpringtime and science are definitely in the air here in North Carolina.  What amazing science demonstrations have you used to get young participants pumped up to explore their natural world?  Please share those creative, wet, and messy ideas in the comments below!



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