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Poetry — April and Beyond

I have always loved poetry.  When I was a young student, I was in love with the book Garbage Delight, by Dennis Lee.  I memorized the poems.  I re-read that book so many times that the spine broke.  I simply shoved the pages back in, and turned to my favorite poem and enjoyed it again.  My parents and family had to sit through endless recitations of “The Puddle”.  As I got older, my tastes changed, but each year I was certain to receive at least one book of poetry during gift giving seasons.

It was with a bit of dismay that this year I realized that as a librarian, I really don’t work poetry into my students’ lives on a regular basis.  Sure, there is the big push during April, by I had to ask myself, why am I not adding poetry into my weekly booktalking sessions?  Why am I not using poetry as read aloud in months outside of April?

During April, my students have done some amazing work with poetry.  They have created spine poems, haikus, acrostic poems, found poems and simile poems.  Some have visited the beautiful Poet’s House.  I am proud of their work, but I am left wondering about the legacy of the “month” idea that some of them may have surrounding poetry.

Each year my principal and I discuss professional goals, and I know that one of them for this coming school year is to work poetry into my students’ lives on a more regular basis.

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