Caldecott 75th Anniversary

Announcing the Caldecott 75th Anniversary Scrapbook

C75_slideshow_screenshotbmpHave you always wondered what Frederic Melcher looked like? Want to know what the Caldecott Banquet looked like in 1960? Would you like to view vintage banquet programs and fashions? Look no further than “75 Years of the Caldecott Medal.” This online scrapbook captures rarely seen moments and memorabilia from Caldecott history.  From yesteryear to present day, “75 Years of the Caldecott Medal” celebrates a rich history of distinguished picture books.  Take a stroll down memory lane today!

For more information about the yearlong celebration, visit the Caldecott 75th Anniversary webpage.

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  1. Marge Loch-Wouters

    Ok, that was more fun than I can stand…except for the lucky folks going through the historical files rediscovering this Caldecott gold!

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