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Those of us who are both eternally imperfect and wildly optimistic tend to make New Year’s Resolutions.  When I started listing my resolutions, most of them fell into one basic category:

Learn More!

What do I want to learn?  Fun, useful things!  Library service to children is exploding with super-cool STEAM stuff; what better excuse to boost one’s brain power and have fun at the same time than to explore it?  Here are some things I want to play with (um, learn about):

  • Lego robotics!  I bet we’ve got some teen robotics groups that would love to share their expertise with kids (and me).
  • Squishy circuits!  If teeny kids can learn how to complete an electrical circuit with play dough, then so can I.
  • Stop-motion animation! From SAM animation to Monkeyjam to simple flip books, there are so many ways to do this easily and cheaply.
  • Common Core!  The perfect excuse to read oodles of fabulous non-fiction.  2012 was a super-strong year for children’s non-fiction, and I bet 2013 will be just as good.
  • Digital badges! Not only is earning digital badges a natural for, say, library summer reading programs, but creating badges builds creative and digital skills.

There is plenty more to learn about and play with – but that’s a tantalizing start to the New Year.

Happy 2013!

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