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3M Cloud Library

3M Cloud Library
3M Cloud Library

I returned from Mid-ALA in Seattle with piles of books, ideas and inspiration. I attended several digital programs and began thinking about all the areas of digital content.

After hearing so many digital terms, I started to think about the “cloud” again. Soon everything will be in or on the “cloud”. Right? So, what about the 3M Cloud Library? 3M Cloud Library had a huge area set-up in the exhibit hall. Two wonderful sales representatives showed me how everything worked by using Sno-Isle Libraries as an example. We explored the children’s shelf, followed steps to check-out Fancy Clancy, Super Sleuth by Jane O’Connor and viewed what the book looked like on an iPad/3M app.

Everything was clear and a bit easier than Overdrive: “Patrons can read when, where and how they want.”

You can see everything checked out on your library account both real and digital.

It’s easier to install, no long installation process or need create a new account.

3M shelf photo
I love that 3M offers a specific children’s shelf! (photo: New and Notable for Children)



Matt 3M photo
Matt Tempelis, Cloud Library Business Manager, 3M

I heard Matt Tempelis, cloud library business manager from 3M speak at a session at ALA called E-books and Libraries, a panel discussion on Where Do We Stand and Where Are We Going? I wanted to hear more and talk with him directly about children’s services and the 3M Cloud. Luckily, he showed up. He said they are working closely with publishers on acquiring more picture books available in eBook format. Great news!

At the Gala Author Tea, my last ALA event on Monday, I sat right next to three librarians from Sno-Isle Libraries. (I love that ALA is so big but always a small world.) Nancy Messenger, Collection Development Manager, talked with me about how easy 3M is to work with. She was very pleased with how everything was going. They had just launched 3M on their website 4 days ago! Wow! Again, great timing. Check out their website for information on their 3M Cloud Library launch and to hear Matt Tempelis from 3M talk.

For more information on how 3M works in a library or if it works well with patrons, please email Nancy at  Thank you Nancy for sharing with us!

If you want to speak with 3M directly, please contact Doug Monson, Sales Representative.  1-800-905-4240 or email him at

See the 3M Cloud Library in action and explore 3M’s website and sign up for a free webinar!

To hear more on digital content, children’s services and the 3M cloud, explore Sue Polanka’s blog, No Shelf Required. She’s written several blogs on 3M and is an amazing digital content resource.

Why would a library choose 3M instead of Overdrive? Why would a public library use both Overdrive and 3M? (Sno-Isle Libraries offers both Overdrive and 3M) Is it user friendly for library patrons downloading eBooks? Most importantly, do they have enough children’s books available and will they be getting more?
If you are already using 3M at your library, please add comments and share your likes and dislikes.  We would love to hear from you.

Back to the clouds,

Paige Bentley-Flannery
Children’s/Community Librarian/Deschutes Public Library
Chair Digital Content Task Force Committee

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