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The 12 Days of Cookies

Our 2nd Annual “12 Days of Cookies”  promotion is well under way.  I came up with the idea last year after a librarian friend in San Diego told me about something very similar that they had done the year before. At San Diego County Library, they did it for the whole month of October, which is National Cookie Month. I thought it was such a cool way to feature cookbooks, promote the library, and share cookies.  A month seemed a bit too long for our small library system, so we do it for 12 days in December.  We feature the cookie on our blog, Tweet about it, and post it on Facebook.  

Here’s how it works: We have 12 branch libraries, so this number works really well! For each of 12 open days, a staff member bakes a cookie recipe from a library book. We feature that cookie and book each day on our blog, and the cookies are sent to a branch library to share with the public. It is pretty easy, once the scheduling is down! You can see our blog posts here.

We’ve added a contest for the public, which makes it a Family Literacy event as well.  I love inviting families to add literacy to something they are probably already doing — baking cookies. Getting the kids in on it is a great way to spend time together, using print, math and science. Basically, all they have to do is use one of our books, bake cookies, and send us the picture to be entered into the contest. Here’s a LINK to how it works.

We get a lot of blog hits, retweets, and Facebook likes from this easy promo. And plus, there are cookies! It really is an easy way to keep the library in the public eye and gives the staff a creative outlet. We also send out extra cookbooks to our branches, and they each have a display of cookbooks — last year, our cookbook circ went way up! So, enjoy the recipes, and happy holidays from Nova Scotia.

PS–the Espresso Shortbread cookies from last year are absolutely delicious!


  1. Lisa McAllister

    To angelaNS – Don’t you love it when you discover a new website or blog that hits you exactly right? Today, you’re it for me! Yay! I LOVE your posts! Last Sunday, I tuned into Downton Abbey after hearing all the hype about it. I loved it! Now I have the pleasure of going back and watching the two previous seasons, as the new season progresses. Just like that show, I’m thrilled that I can go back and explore all your previous posts, while at the same time looking forward to seeing what you’ll seduce me with tomorrow. Seduce. Is that too strong of a word here? I think not! Thank you!!!
    – A happy reader

  2. Angela Reynolds

    Wow! So glad you are enjoying them. *blush*

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