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So You Want to Make Flannelboards…

"Dear Zoo" flannelboard piecesIf you’ve always admired the hand-crafted flannelboards and puppet sets on the web and you wanted to know how to make your own, this post is for you! Since this isn’t a process that’s cookie-cutter for anyone, I’ve tried to include a variety of authors and posts to help you as you begin making flannelboards.

Making Flannelboard Pieces:

  • Abby from Abby (the) Librarian wrote a post on how she was taught to make a flannelboard. Includes great questions to ask yourself during the process, like how to choose what pieces are necessary to your stories and what books will make great felt stories.
  • I also wrote a post detailing how I create my flannel pieces. I took a lot of pictures as I made a flannelboard based on Lenny Hort’s “Seals on the Bus,” in the hopes that it would help visual learners.
  • But if a video tutorial is more your style, definitely check out Kari Ann’s post at My Storytime Life where she filmed how she made her flannel pieces for a presentation she and Jane presented at the Connecticut Library Association.

Making Boards:

  • Library Quine from Loons and Quines made an adorable hand-held flannelboard so that she could bring the flannel pieces closer to participants at her baby rhymetimes. I love how the project includes recycling!
  • At Teach Preschool, Deborah posted a great way to make a flannelboard using an art canvas.
  • And Lisa at Libraryland wrote about how to change the color of an existing flannelboard if yours is in need of an update! This is a great way to update an older board that you might inherit at a new job.

Using Embellishments:

  • Mary from Miss Mary Liberry is a renowned puffy paint master, even if she doesn’t admit it! Visit her post to learn techniques to enhance your flannelboards with outlining, words, and more!
  • And I also wrote about using ribbon, minor sewing, and paint pens to make my flannelboards pop more.


  • Sarah at Read It Again! wrote a *great* post about how flannelboards are organized in her library, through a file drawer, envelopes, and an Excel spreadsheet. That spreadsheet makes me want to re-do my organization for sure!
  • If you’re looking for more ideas, the comments section of Melissa‘s post on the same system as Sarah’s is definitely worth a read!

Patterns and Further Ideas:

  • Some great online templates include: Kizclub, DLTK Kids, and Making Learning Fun.
  • Some of my favorite patterns and ideas have come from books, including Storytime Magic by Kathy Macmillan and Christine Kirker!
  • At Mel’s Desk, Melissa wrote about making her own templates — something that I still have yet to attempt! I greatly appreciate this post, though, because I would like to draw my own templates at some point.
  • And as always, make sure to check out Flannel Friday blog and Pinterest account. We keep growing, week by week, so there are always new ideas to find!

Any more ideas that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!

– Katie Salo
Youth Services Manager
Melrose Park Library


  1. Melissa ZD

    Excellent curating Katie! This is awesome to have all in one place.

  2. Kelly Clark

    Great post! I really appreciate the selected links and how you’ve organized them – so useful!

  3. Library Quine

    Katie, thank you so much for bringing all this information together in one place, that is so useful.

  4. Lisa Mulvenna

    Great post, Katie! This is definitely a great start for those who don’t flannel!

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