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#ALSC12 Inspirations for creating nonfiction books

Doreen Rappaport, April Pulley Sayre, and Bryan Collier at the closing ALSC Institute session were each captivating. They took us through emotional experiences of fascination, wonder, awe, and sheer unbelievability as they told some of the real stories behind their words and art. Doreen explained that her father’s musical background inspires her to find the “voice and shape of telling each story.” Bryan shared that his watercolor and collage quilt-like images are inspired by his grandmother, who was a quiltmaker. For April, it is nature. Doreen’s talk touched us, April got us chanting (yes, all of us), and Bryan took us to the verge of tears. This was a powerful end to a powerful and enlightening Institute.

Doreen Rappaport
April Pulley Sayre
Bryan Collier

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