Institute 2012

#ALSC12 Shake, Shimmy, and Dance: Using Music with Preschoolers

What does one find at the ALSC Institute?

Dancing librarians!
And we sang, too. 🙂
Everyone had a very enjoyable and informative time at Kate Schiavi’s program about using music with children.  She spoke about music, how children are born with an innate ability to learn the music of their culture, and how music ties to literacy (phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, fluency, and vocabulary).  There were dance breaks throughout the session, allowing us grown-ups to get it on the singing and dancing fun that children usually enjoy at library programs.
Kate shared so many wonderful books with us, and some great ideas about how to present them to kids.  Try singing books, instead of reading them, for instance. Just apply a familiar tune to the words. Or read books with great rhythm, even if there is not much of a traditional “story” being told. (She illustrated this point with “Tanka Tanka Skunk”).
It was an energizing program that left me wanting to head home to do a lot more singing, stomping, and clapping in my storytimes!

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