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Ode to an Old Brown Sheet

brown sheet on a green table cloth

On Fridays, many poetry fans across the KidLitosphere take part in Poetry Friday.  Here, today, I offer my first contribution to the weekly meme in honor of my favorite prop, an old brown sheet.

“Ode to an Old Brown Sheet”

You’ve been a “cocoon” from which “butterflies” spring.

“Caterpillars” crawl in, then emerge on the wing.

At the Teddy Bear Picnic you’ve been a dark cave.

There’s snoring inside; enter only if brave!

You’ve helped create theatre – a shadow play,

hiding the actors, keeping bright light at bay.

When you’re a tunnel, toddlers know what to do.

I teach over and under, but you teach them through.

And when I go visiting,  pan and bags in my hand

you are my clothing; and don’t I look grand?

Perhaps you have a prop of your own that is deserving of an ode?

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Mary Lee Hahn

    Welcome to Poetry Friday! We hope you (or any one of your bloggers) will come back!

    Love your ode. We do so much with the small things in life…the brown sheets (or my white one that has eyeholes cut to be a ghost, but which captured a hawk chick this summer…)

  2. Rena Traxel

    Neat. I love how a plain old sheet and poem about that sheet can be turned into something wonderful.

  3. Lisa Taylor Post author

    Ack! My daughter just pointed out that I had a typo. My apologies. Fixed now.

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