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Three Great Creation Apps for Kids

Looking for some fun new apps to try with various age groups in your library? These are some of of our favorite apps at Darien Library:

Doodlecast for Kids (1.99 by Tickle Tap Apps. Available on iPhone, iTouch, iPad.)

This drawing app has one key feature that sets it apart from other preschool art apps- it allows users to record their voices while doodling. The result is a screencast that immediately syncs to your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad Photos folder or you can upload to YouTube. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

How to use it in the library: Preschoolers will love playing on this app and rewatching their recorded creations. But the real potential is in storytelling. Try it out with a group of slightly older kids and let them draw and narrate their own short stories. For an added bonus, have the kids pair up or group into small teams to create collaborative stories.

Sock Puppets (Free by SmithMicro Software. Available on iPhone, iTouch, iPad.)

Take the interactive storytelling to the next level with this app that allows you to create a digital sock puppet production. Choose sock characters, a setting, props and then record an original masterpiece. The final products may be saved in-app or uploaded to YouTube or Facebook. The best (and most hilarious) part is that your voice recording gets scrubbed during the recording process, producing a funny Mickey Mouse-esque tone. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

How to use it in the library: For our book discussion groups (for grades 4 to 6) there is usually a discussion of a key moment in the text. We discuss why a character made a particular decision and what might have happened if they made a different choice. Use Sock Puppets to extend your book discussion and give the kids the opportunity to make their own alternate endings.

ReelDirector (1.99 by Nexvio. Available on iPhone and iPad.)

This all-in-one app allows users to record or upload videos, edit, add titles and transitions, and publish. It is one of the most sophisticated movie editing apps- especially at this low price point. While not originally created for children, it is much more intuitive and easier to use than iMovie. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

How to use it in the library: Create book trailers and Storytubes. After a class or workshop on media literacy, have kids create their own ads and commercials. Get your TAB or KAB members to creating a walking tour of your library. Use it to create informational videos to post on your library’s website.

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