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Books for a quarter?

Our Summer Reading Club is mostly funded from the sales of an annual Book Sale. We just held our SRC Book Sale a few weeks ago and raised just over $1000. Our books are cheap–we sell paper backs for 25 cents and hardcovers for a loonie or a toonie (for those of you not up on Canadian money lingo, that’s $1 or $2). So yes, we sell a lot of books to get to that $1000. And yes, it is a lot of work. It takes 2-3 people several hours to set it up, and we run the sale for 3 hours, again, with 2-3 people taking cash and keeping the books in some sort of order. It is an exhausting enterprise, moving all those books out into the sale room (our lunchroom) and then moving them back again (into the storage space). But it is all worth it for 2 reasons. One is that we get money to run our Summer Reading Club. With just over 2500 kids & teens participating, $1000 goes far enough, especially since we get donations from local businesses to help out with prizes. The other reason is seeing kids (and adults) who are so excited about getting piles of books that they line up at the doors at 9 AM sharp. It is the joy of seeing parents with babies strapped on pawing through piles of board books, of hearing little voices shrieking “Daddy, Daddy, look what I found!” and looking up to see a little boy clutching a Thomas the Tank Engine book. It is the little girl who patiently sits in a chair, reading book after book as her mother browses the tables, the homeschool family that finds a set of literature encyclopedias, the Mom that you can chant “Tikki Tikki Tembo-no Sa Rembo-chari Bari Ruchi-pip Peri Pembo” along with when she proudly holds up a very good condition copy of the book to show you her best find, and the teen who just found a pile of her favourite series. No, we don’t make a lot of money from all those books we sell, but we sure do make a lot of people happy. And I won’t even start to write about how many books I buy at the sale….


  1. Anita

    Where do you get the books for the Summer Reading Club book sale? Are they donated? Discards or weeded books?

  2. Angela Reynolds

    Hi Anita– our Book Sale is donations and discards both. Mostly donations, but we do sell a good number of “Yesterdays Best Sellers” — those adult books that we bought loads of copies of when they were popular and had many holds. We get a ton of donations, and hold 2 annual book sales.

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