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Singing in the Bathroom!

Of course we are all rock stars in our own bathrooms, but what about at the Library! I can’t think of a better place to encourage customers to sing than in the bathroom!  Just simply post the words to songs and nursery rhymes with a few eye catching photos on the back of stall doors, next to Changing Stations, on the bathroom mirrors and next to the sink.

We use a hand washing song in the Children’s room bathroom to encourage children to wash their hands well and get them to sing!

We also have Nursery Rhymes by all the changing stations to encourage parents to sing with their babies while in the bathroom.

What songs can you think of to put in your libraries bathrooms?


  1. Jeanette Larson

    No songs to suggest (I’m not allowed to even sing in the shower) but I’ve always thought bathrooms were great places for posting promotional materials. What else do you have to look at on the back of the stall door or the mirror over the sink?

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  3. Lisa

    I recall seeing a copy of a newsletter once that hung on the wall in a restroom (though I can’r remember where). The name on its masthead was “The Toilet Paper.”

  4. Natalie

    Great idea! I also really like the “Learning Spot” poster– do you have these elsewhere in your library to signal a little tip, etc?

    1. Amanda

      Yes, Natalie … we have the Learning Spot Sign up at any spot that is for kids and parents that is outside of the Children’s Department.

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