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2011 Melcher Scholar Nears Graduation

Patricia Prodanich, one of two 2011 Melcher Scholarship recipientsThank you! ALSC has helped me in one of the biggest ways possible by awarding me with the Melcher Scholarship. I cannot explain the gratitude I have in receiving this assistance. Since my scholarship application our family business has not done any better, only worse. This scholarship has alleviated some of the financial pressure we are enduring, so thanks again.

So far my schooling is right on schedule as planned. My plan was to take two courses per semester so I would receive my Library Media Endorsement (Type 10) on my current elementary teaching certificate by the end of this school year. I am registered for the final two courses this spring semester: Media Productions and Curriculum in School Libraries. Media Productions sounds like fun in that I will be learning many ways to incorporate technology and media into a school library media program. The Curriculum in School Libraries course will reinforce not only the library /technology standards, but the new Common Core Standards as well. Upon completion of these two courses, I will still need to complete an internship in May/June. After that I will be eligible to apply for my Library Media Endorsement, but will still need three more courses in order to receive my Masters in Library and Information Science.

I love the Dominican University program. The people I have met so far, professors and classmates alike, have truly been inspiring. I have made quite a few dear friends, developed professional relationships with many of my professors, and have learned a lot in the process! I’ve enjoyed meeting face-to-face in a classroom setting, versus an online course. I am more of a people person, so this face-to-face contact has worked for me.

It is difficult for me to pinpoint one class as my favorite because I have really enjoyed them all. If I had to choose one that was most interesting to me, I’d have to pick School Libraries. Not only did I have a phenomenal professor for this course, but I also learned a lot about the actual job of school librarianship. While working on two group projects, I made two of my closest graduate school friends whom I continue to keep in regular contact.

I hope to get a full-time certified position for next school year. There aren’t many school library media positions posted so far, but I plan on applying for many once they are posted. I also have the opportunity to apply for a job in the school district where I am currently working which would be a perfect fit for me.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the most recent ALA conference due to school, work, and family time commitments, as well as due to being strapped financially. I hope to attend a more local conference in the near future. I would like to find out about various professional development seminars or workshops and how other newer professionals are doing with their job search.

As I mentioned before, I am grateful the assistance I have received from ALSC. Hopefully I will get a job as a school library media specialist next year. Then I will continue my coursework until I receive my MLIS. Thanks again!


Today’s guest blog post comes from Patricia Prodanich, recipient of the 2011 Frederic G. Melcher Scholarship. She is currently thea graduate student in Library Science at Dominican University in River Forest, IL.

Each year ALSC gives away nearly $50k in scholarships to applicants interested in pursuing a career in children’s librarianship. For more information on ALSC Scholarships like the Frederic G. Melcher Scholarship or the Bound to Stay Bound Books Scholarship, please visit ALSC’s Scholarship page.

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